Theater company Performance Country For everyone over the age of:
Titeres Etcetera «Peter and the Wolf» Spain 5
Titiriteros de Binefar “The Stork Man” Spain 5
Michele Cafaggi “The little rain man” Italy 5
Meinhardt& Krauss Feigl “R.O.O.M.” Germany 12
State Puppet Theatre of Sofia “The fisherman & the goldfish” Bulgaria 5
State Puppet Theatre of Sofia “SMILE” Bulgaria 1
“Il teatrino dei Piedi”. Veronica Gonzalez «Once Upon A Time… Two Feet!” Argentina/Italy 5
Lucchettino «Lucchettino Classic» Italy 6
Karin Shafer Puppet Theater “Pictures of an exhibition” Αustria 8
Lida Varvarousi “A fish which didn’t know how to swim” Greece 3
Antama Pantahou «The boy with the magic fingers» Greece 3
National Theatre of Northern Greece «The gift» Greece 3
The FiRdin MiGdiN «Flox, the box and the clouds» Greece 3
Gypsy Moth «But there is one more!» Greece 3
Dromocosmicas Vagor & Bellavita Brazil/Italy 5
Εvi Chatzimitakou «Maroula» Greece 3
Nista «The binky» Greece 3
La Petite Marguerite “Bubble Show” Greece 3
Michelino Circus «Michelino Circus» Greece 3
Circo Taradadan “Circus Taradadan Street Show” Greece 3
Hocus Pocus «Fairytales in suitcases» Greece 3

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