International Puppet & pantomime festival of Veria “VERIAPUPPET ‘16”
In collaboration and direct networking with the «THESSPUPPET ‘16»

THESSPUPPET festival welcomes the initiative of Cultural Organization of Municipality of Veria and therefore brings a collaboration potentiality with other cities in the Central Makedonia region.
We wish that “Thesspuppet” will be the driver for the creation of new “homes” for the Art of puppetry in a number of other cities. By making good use of the already existing structures and the ongoing effort which is taking place in the city of Thessaloniki, we are going to work under the vision of creating a “network” which will enhance the development of the artistic world of the Art of puppet and object theatre in Greece. Only team working and collaboration is able to take us out of this cultural and social crisis which characterizes our times.

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