“Master class”

“The economy of the movement and the material”.
Relation between MATERIAL / MOVEMENT / SOUND

  • 36 hours
  • 8 to 12 / 12/ 2016
  • Maximum 12 persons
  • English (and greek translation if necessary)
  • 80 euro
  • Τheater students, puppet players, dancers, musician, theater makers.
  • Μ2. Aίθουσα CR2 – CR3
The seminar

The choice of the material that we use for making the objects and/or the puppets is an important part of the the puppetry. Each material has its own sound. We will work with the sound of the material. Each material has its own movement. We have to figure out what is the sound and the movement of the material.
The starting point of this masterclass is the breath.The puppeteer is the motor but he has to focus on the material/puppet/object. We have to find the rhythm in the material in relation to the voice. What can we do with the voices. We will need to make excercises for the excesse of the voice / excesse of the material in order to find which is the combination between the two.

Damiet van Dalsum ( The Netherlands) will lead the participants to create characters with materials and objects. The participants will learn how to focus on the materials and help them express emotions though sound and movement. Damiet is renowned for expressing multiple meanings and deep human emotions through her figurative puppets, her manipulation and sensitive voice.

What the students have to bring for themselves:

A newspaper
Black Lead
Color pencils
One Flashlight that works good!!!!
Some plastic material
Comfortable clothes
Some music they like
A musical instrument (optional) if they can play

Bio of Damiet Van Dalsum

She studies in Theater Academy of Maastricht and later in 1967 she founded her own theater in Dordrecht named Ej Ej. She created a lot of puppet theater performances for children and adults and gave performances in Holland and all over the world. She had tours abroad ( Germany / Spain / Mexico / Bulgaria / Japan / Taiwan asο) and directed a lot of performances in Germany and Taiwan. She taught Master classes in Belarus, Japan, Romenia, Taiwan, Greece and elsewhere. She also worked on TV and made exhibitions of her puppets in Holland and abroad. Received the ‘Wim Meilink award’ in 2003 And the European award Northern Telecom in 1994. She was honored with the title of Knight of the Queen of Holland: Order of Orange Nassau 1993 for her achievement in the field of puppetry and its international significance of this field. She had organized for 25 years the International Puppet Theatre Festival of Dordrecht till 2010.

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